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Alex Coghe: Alex Coghe Street Photography Contest - win a fantastic prize!

Alex Coghe Street Photography Contest - win a fantastic prize!

Yes!!! I am pleased to announce a great initiative: a street photography contest with a fantastic prize for the winner!

You can partecipate to the contest through flickr, where we've created the group:

The theme of this contest is:


It'a a classic theme.

The photographer, any photographer, is essentially a painter with light. So, light is essential in photography, and street photography is not an exception.

I ask you to show the contrast between lights and shadows.


- The Photo has to be taken after february 20, 2012 and posted in the pool before the deadline (march 31, 2012)
- The photo must respect the theme "Shadows and Lights"
- The photo can be in any format (landscape, portrait, square)
- The photo can be in color or black and white. Partially desaturated or sepia is not consented.
- The photo must not contain any watermarks
- The photo must not contain any frames
- Everyone can submit one photo only

Good light...and shadow.

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Alex Coghe: STREET PHOTOGRAPHY - my ebook for free!!!

STREET PHOTOGRAPHY - my ebook for free!!!

Dear friends, I am pleased to announce the release of my ebook: STREET PHOTOGRAPHY - an ebook by alex coghe. This is a gift for all of you, my friends and readers.

You can read online but also download:

Share this ebook with everyone who want. I will be happy for this.

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Alex Coghe: My 10 street photography tips

My 10 street photography tips

Post originally written on my blog:

A long time ago I wrote 10 street photography tips, but someone now seems dated. The photography evolves, my experience has grown and then I'm tired of reading on various blogs some ridiculous tips: even we can read to ask permission before photographing (!), or using telelens...

Well, here is my 10:

1. Always carry your camera with you

I always carry a camera with me. A great street picture you can find anywhere, then we always have a camera with us. The technology comes to us with cameras more compact and transportable. No matter that it's a mirrorless, an old 35mm or an iphone. It will be obvious to say but the best camera is the one that uses more.

2. Be ready with your camera

The instances don’t repeat themselves in street photography. Be ready to shoot is a commandment in our genre. So our camera settings should be ready in a few seconds to capture every situation: zone focus, hyperfocal, program can be effective solutions. If our camera is slow to start we can consider to keep it turned on: mandatory in this case at least one spare battery. Also a wrist strap is an ideal solution to be ready to shoot.

3. Use a inconspicuous camera bag

It is a matter of personal safety, but also not to draw attention to us. I have chosen Think Tank Photo and in particular the series Retrospective. I think is the perfect choice for street photographers.

4. Choose a real interesting subject

Sometimes we can see great compositions but the subjects are not so strong. For example it is not enough, in my opinion, a photo in a arcade with light and shade without subjects interesting.
We must strive to find characters or special postures, really interesting situations.

5. Wide angle prime lens

Street Photography is not a safari. So forget those zoom lenses. We must be in the scene and a telephoto lens does not allow it. And then you will look even more conspicuous in public holding a huge zoom lens.
If you still have doubts, ask yourself why all the great reportage photographers were using or use normal or wide angle lenses.

6. Get close

"If your photographs aren't good enough, you're not close enough." Robert Capa
Using a wide-angle prime lens (as mentioned in the before point), you will be forced to get close to your subjects. Street Photography is mental, emotional and physical involvement of the photographer.
We can not think of doing good street photography if we remain distant.

7. Think positive!

As said Blake Andrews in the interview published in this blog: If you walk around thinking you're not going to see anything, it'll become a self fulfilling prophecy. You won't see anything. But if you walk around with the expectation that a photo can be anywhere, that one will pop up around the next corner, you will see things. The environment is exactly the same in both cases. It's the mental outlook that matters. Every single time I go out shooting I see the potential for at least one world-class photo. They are always out there. But being in the right mental state to capture them is sometimes difficult, especially because street photography can involves long periods where not much happens. So developing that faith and keeping it with you at all times is important. The world will provide if you trust it to.
And don't forget to smile! With a smile, people usually respond with a smile!

8. Interesting situations, more than one single shot!

When the situation and the subject are interesting when you can make more shots. Maybe changing the position and viewpoint.

9. Keen observer of the street life

To be a street photographer is be extremely attentive to the frenetic activity in public spaces. The situations change sharply even in the same place. While walking down the street you will come across a variety of events,acts, postures, gestures, scenes, expressions, subjects, etc.
There is a multitude of possibilities in the street for the photographer but we must be alert. Remember that photography is above all to observe.

Street Photography is capturing the activities happening by the roadside, street concerts, traffic signals, billboards, hoardings, fences, trees, birds, cats, dogs, similarities and associations, the vertiginous heels of a woman, a man smoking a cigar while waiting for the tram. To quote Bruce Gilden if it smells of the street is street photography.

10. Be respectful

The first question we must ask is:
Would I have problems taking pictures in the same situation a person dear to me, my mom or my wife for example?
Respect of the subject should be the basis of our pictures. If you really want to represent some physical defect, worry that the subject is not recognizable. And remember that only if we photograph with respect will do good photos.

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Alex Coghe: Life as a Street Photographer website online!!!

Life as a Street Photographer website online!!!

Hi streettogs!!!

We are pleased to announce that the site is finally online. LSP Magazine will be a showcase for street photographers, but also a magazine with tips, reportages, news, interviews and ideas about street photography.
The interest in street photography is increasing day by day, and we are street photographers who want to build an important reality through a passion. We have great ideas and a lot of energy.

So what are you waiting for? Please, visit our website:

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Alex Coghe: LSP Life as a Street Photographer, my new adventure

LSP Life as a Street Photographer, my new adventure

I have the pleasure to announce to have entered in the staff of LSP, Life as a Phootgrapher Street. This is a project really ambitious and i am very motivated. A project focused on street photography was what I needed, marrying perfectly with my projects.

But what is LSP?
Life as a street photographer is a new blog that talks about street photography, the photographers who capture their experience of immersing themselves in the everyday lives of people. Life as a photographer wants to give space to all the professional photographers and not professional who want speak about their experiences of street photography.

LSP in the future will also become a magazine. Our work now is carefully select the material that is sent. We would propose many content related to street photography, and we'll do it through a credibility that comes from our experience of street photographers.

The appointment, therefore, streettogs is at this link:

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Alex Coghe: Workshops en Mexico!!!

Workshops en Mexico!!!

Workshops en Mexico


STREET PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP "Técnica y el enfoque de Street Photography"

Primer curso:


En este gènero es importante conocer algunas normas, comportamientos y tècnicas operativas que permitan al fotògrafo realizar optima Street Photography.


Alex Coghe es un fotógrafo freelance que actualmente vive en la ciudad de México. Nacido en Roma en 1975, es esencialmente un fotógrafo de la calle.

De fama internacional, es el fundador de dos comunidades que se dedican a la fotografía de la calle: SPC (por Italia) y el momento decisivo (Internacional) y se compromete a difundir este tipo de fotografía.

Actualmente, corresponsal de noticias para Prisma News, un periódico de información nacional. Muchos de sus artículos han sido publicados en los principales diarios italianos, sino también para el blog de la cámara Leica (The Leica Camera Blog). Trabaja en comisiónes para The Telegraph.

Miembro fundador y editor de fotografía dde Hyde Park Photography Magazine, revistas y plataforma internacional.

En 2011 es uno de los fotógrafos (el unico italiano) seleccionados e invitados a la feria internacional de fotografía de la calle YOU ARE HERE, en Los Angeles, California.

More info:

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Alex Coghe: Street Photography Workshops by Alex Coghe

Street Photography Workshops by Alex Coghe



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Alex Coghe: Street Photography for me

Street Photography for me

Street Photography is:

  1. Attitude
  2. Aestetich
  3. A state of Mind

Street Photography is my life.

I am a freelance photographer based on Mexico City. Street Photography is my life.

I am the Founder of 2 communities dedicated to Street Photography: SPC (Italian language) and The Decisive Moment (English) and i deal with developing this kind of photography.

Recently i was been one of the involved photographers to the international street photography show You Are Here, in Los Angeles, California.

Street Photography is a state of mind.

In an age where people keep to themselves and don’t interact with others,I think that this kind is therapeutic.

My street is now more "contact photography". I use the flash and of course this leads me to interact more with the subjects. But i have no problem striking up a conversation with a person.

I'm not into "shoot from the hip". I'm not into "fine art street". Now I am attracted by the involvement with the people photographed.

What interests me is always to bring my photography to the next level. Only putting always under discussion ourselves we grow.

Digital vs Film

I am a digital photographer that loves the analog cameras. I am convinced that in today's world of professional photography some things you can do only with the digital.

The analog is slow photography that can give you lots of satisfaction, and I don’t want to give up.

The new mirrorless concept

I am convinced that in the future mirrorless will have nothing to fear from comparison with the DSLR cameras.

I am one of the first pro to have bet on this type of cameras. Already we are seeing a path towards professional solutions in this sector.

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